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The equipment, experience and know-how to bring exceptional office coffee service to you.

Office Coffee Service in NE Georgia and Surrounding Areas

With Vend Food Services, you can have it all. Get the office coffee service program that is going to keep your staff alert and on the job, while eliminating the hassle of an office manager inventorying and buying what has been used. We even customize your office coffee service program to each location, whether it’s in the warehouse or in the front office.

We are authorized distributors of some of the best names in coffee such as Keurig and Starbucks, guaranteeing a quality cup of coffee that rivals the local coffee shop. We are a one stop shop that has everything you need from creamers, sugars, stir sticks, paper products, cups and more to create the ideal breakroom for your NE Georgia business.

Enjoy coffee and hot tea while eliminating hassles.

Our professional staff will listen to your needs and tailor our services and products to create your ideal office coffee service solution.

Traditional Equipment

Commercial grade equipment that prepares delicious coffee for a large number of people.

Single Cup Brewers

Offer a greater variety of coffee, tea and other hot beverage choices with one brewer.

Water Filtration Units

Eliminate storage and lifting of heavy bottles, with a filtered unit to deliver hot and cold water.

Break Room Supplies

From premium roasts to value blends, our selection of coffee is huge, ensuring a coffee right for you.

A Variety of Coffees

From national brands to local roasts, choose the coffee type and variety that best fits your NE Georgia and Surrounding Areas workplace.

Assortment of Teas

National brands using quality ingredients guarantees hot tea fans can stay alert at work too.

Customized Selections

Friendly staff will tailor the office coffee service program to you, based on experience and our huge selection.

Authorized Starbucks Distributor

Our partnership with this national brand ensures you get high-end coffee and a brewer that delivers cafe quality.

One Stop Shop

Need paper supplies? No problem. Need cream and sugar? We got it. Need something extra? Just ask.

We carry an extensive line of office coffee brewers to ensure we have the perfect option for your NE Georgia area breakroom.

Office Coffee Service in NE Georgia and Surrounding Areas
Keurig Single Cup
Starbucks Single Cup
Total 1
3 Burner

The water cooler reinvented.

Without 5 gallon bottles, our water systems are green and still provide pure tasting water.

Water is a must in your workplace. It hydrates, helping employees stay on task and focused. It is also a healthy beverage choice, supporting corporate wellness initiatives. With our state-of-the-art water filtration systems, the 5 gallon water bottle is a thing of the past. No more lifting, storing or extra emissions from transporting the water. Now, quality filters remove impurities and ions that affect taste and color to deliver fresh tasting water. We offer floor standing and countertop models with hot and cold water options. Plus, the filtered water will improve the taste of your coffee and tea beverages.

Really make office coffee service a benefit by getting the best in the area -- Vend Food Services at info@vendfoodservices.com or (800) 241-4170.