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We know how to tailor the snack vending machine menu to each NE Georgia location.

Snack Vending Machines in NE Georgia and Surrounding Areas

Snack vending machines in your breakroom don’t have to offer the same old stuff. At Vend Food Services, we place state-of-the-art snack vending machines complete with built-in product delivery sensors. Your employees, guests, or customers can use cash, credit/debit or even mobile payment on our cashless enabled vending machines, making the snack vending machine experience even better.

Inside, we customize the snack selection to the tastes of your location. Plus, we rotate in new products to keep the menu interesting and appealing. From chips to sweets, we have the selections sure to please your NE Georgia area workers, customers, or guests. With our Choice Plus program, there are even healthier alternatives, marked for easy identification. It’s everything snack vending machines should be.

  • Modern snack vending machines
  • Credit/debit/mobile payment acceptance
  • Customized snack vending menu
Snack Vending Machines in NE Georgia and Surrounding Areas

Guaranteed Product Delivery

All of our snack vending machines include a guaranteed product delivery system. Infrared sensors detect if a purchased product falls into the delivery area. If it does not, the system triggers an automatic refund, eliminating the risk of lost money for the user.

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Ensure your breakroom snack vending machine is serviced by a company that works as hard as you do -- Vend Food Services at info@vendfoodservices.com or (800) 241-4170.